Frequently Asked Questions

This is a growing FAQ's if you don't see the answer you are looking for, just email us:


What is Mod2Fame:

We are a group of car enthusiast youtube channel that focuses on modified cars. The channel is run by Stefan with a fast growing team of contributors. 

What is the ModSquad:

Chances are if you are on this website you have watched a Mod2Fame video or been to an event we've held. Well have you subscribed to our YouTube channel and turned your notifications on?

Awesome then you are ModSquad A.K.A you support the movement and now you just need some apparel to show all your friends you know something they may not, Mod2Fame is where it's at.  

How do I know when the next Mod2Fame event will be:

We created a page just for you called Events. Just click it in the header above and all our upcoming and past events are there for you to see and join.