Our Greatest Pass Ever Ended Like This!

Our Greatest Pass Ever Ended Like This!

Our good friends over at #NorthEastDriversClub held a private track day at Atco Racetrack in New Jersey and we were invited to stretch the legs of our Hellcat aka CheapoKitty.

We had some great runs against a McLaren 720S Spyder, Huracan, GTRs, and BMW M5, putting down our fastest ever 1/4mile time! CheapoKitty was running stronger than ever thanks to the intake, catless mid-pipes, and injectors from our friends at AmericanMuscle, 2.80 pulley from Griptech and tuning by Team Hellcat.

After a nice cruise to the track with NEDC, we got down the business of prepping the car to achieve the best times. Out came the passenger seat, rear bench, subwoofer and some ancillary components. Altogether we removed over 250lbs of weight from the vehicle.

Our first run of the day against a Jeep Trackhawk was the fastest, putting down a 11.2 second pass at over 130mph! Unfortunately we had some technical difficulties during the process.

Not one to be defeated we took to reporting on the other races of the day. A key highlight being the Mclaren 720s Spider vs. Lamborghini Aventador SVJ, which didn't turn out the way one might think. With a drastic weight reduction of 500lbs and 770hp, the SVJ is a monster! Not to be underestimated,the 720s is packing a 710hp punch and a welter weight of under 3300lbs, lets just say it was quite a showdown.

Click the video below to see the action!


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